In other entertainment news:

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA — It is with a heavy heart that Columbia Pictures has decided not to renew the contract of Three Stooges frontman, Moe Howard. He has been witnessed verbally and physically assaulting fellow cast members on numerous occasions. Columbia Pictures regrets this decision but cannot condone such…

Carbon Motors pushing back E7 production (they only have one now) in favor of a new Multi-Purpose vehicle...the TX7. So far, they only have one, as usual. Production and delivery promised in 2013 (yea, right).

Remember that Top Gear edition of the TomTom GPS that was supposedly banned? I just got a "CyberMonday" email from TomTom offering it for $180. Sure wish I had the bucks right now, but times are tough. Anyone feel like giving me an early Xmas present?

Anyone else having problems with KotakuFix since Firefox updated to v17.0? Mine worked great through yesterday, but when I updated FF to v17.0 this morning, I can click on the "show all" link all day and it just sits there. BTW, the Google Chrome version still works just fine

Check out Jesse's "Just a Car Guy" blog for the pictures of his visit to Disney's "Cars Land" in Anaheim, CA. They even have their own Ornament Valley! You gotta admit...when Disney does something, they go all out and do it up right.

FYI... the CW TV network (Ch. 33.1 in Dallas) will be running a show tonight at 7pm central time about the history of the Batmobile going back to the 1930's. Probably just a promo for the new movie, but should be interesting just the same.