I never, ever click on any link in any email, even if it comes from a friend or someone trusted. If I get a notice from my bank, PayPal or Amazon that wants me to go to them for any reason, I just log off of my email and go to the site directly. If they have a notice for me, it will show up. If not, I know it… » 4/14/15 3:24pm Tuesday 3:24pm

This isn't about the Veterans hotline service, but back in the late 70's I had just moved away from my home town. I had no friends, had just lost my job and was feeling so depressed that I called a hotline. It turns out it was run by a church who told me that my only solution was to turn my life over to God and… » 4/14/15 3:07pm Tuesday 3:07pm

Agreed. The Clarkson-May-Hammond trio have the same dynamic as The Three Stooges did. You could probably replace Larry and they did replace Curly with Shemp and it worked out fine. But Moe? It would have fallen apart without Moe. Clarkson is Top Gear’s Moe. Better to just let it go.
» 4/14/15 1:10pm Tuesday 1:10pm