SuperAntiSpyware is great, and I've used it for years also in conjunction with AVG. I don't leave it running all the time (I have the free version), but I do run it manually about once a day. I've only had one nasty virus over the 30 years I've owned computers , and SAS was the only one that could find and eradicate… » 7/20/14 9:25am 7/20/14 9:25am

You don't have to get to $100G if you don't want to. That's like saying the Chevy pickups cost $60K because you "can" option one up to that point. I've priced out a Model S for myself. The only options I got were the metallic paint, 85 kWh battery pack, the tech package, and the rear parcel shelf. I don't need… » 7/16/14 3:14pm 7/16/14 3:14pm